That Grand Ballroom

We each have a story, or a storyline we may strongly identify with, depending upon our OS, so to speak, inherited or acquired through the force of conditioning, habit, upbringing, environment, experiences, etc; the conditions that most closely relate to our particular expression of aliveness, many of which we are not conscious of. That storyline tends to reinforce our identities. If we identify strongly as this or that (insert labels here), our story will relate to this or that. Being strongly identified with a thing, even a very good thing, means at some level rejecting, even if subtly, all things that are not it, unless the thing we identify with is or stands for no-fixed-identity. In other words, strong identification can be a limiting habit. Often, our story is not the story of the moments of clarity and insight we may have, since such moments require or demand no qualification. Such moments belong to something irreducible and ineffable and indefinable. If we are [...]