Buddha Lyft

I have written this post (which I had published in another blog in May 2017) in response to an interesting phenomenon that I have experienced relying on Lyft for transportation in various places since I ordained as a Buddhist nun two years ago after a thirty year dance with the precious Buddhist teachings. As a Buddhist nun, my maroon robes and shaved pate draw many, many questions, most of them from genuine interest. I never imagined that living in this monastic uniform as an itinerant nun would pique the interest and curiosity of so many people everywhere I go, whether to Trader Joe's (where an employee once approached me with a PAID stickered bouquet of flowers on the eve of the anniversary of my late Teacher's passing) stores, airports, libraries, bookstores, etc. While my naturally optimal habitat is the silence of cavernicolous retreat where I can cultivate the qualities advocated by the Buddha as being most beneficial for oneself and others, due to [...]

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Still There

Jordan Peterson since well before the publication of his best-selling book 12 Rules for Life has been making a splash with, among other dicta: clean up your room; the idea being that if you can't bring attention, decency, and integrity to your corner of the world you have no right to hold placards, march, or otherwise demand policy etc. changes in the broader world. Self-mastery first, he asserts. I agree. I am reminded of my early days of Buddhist training in Howell NJ with my late Teacher Khensur Lobsang Tharchin. During a period after older attendants had relocated elsewhere and before newly appointed attendants had arrived from India, my duties included caretaking, cooking, admin work, yard work and general serving at the Temple in Howell. The very first week I had brought down his lunch tray and placed the dishes in the sink. Pulled away to attend to other tasks that included admin work for a grant-funded project, I forgot about the dishes. [...]

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Resurrection 2018

Christians all over the world celebrated Easter today. I was so moved by watching the video of HH Pope Francis performing the washing of the feet on Maundy Thursday. Anyone who is not moved by that all I can say is get well soon. Grace and humility are beautiful features of awakened beings. In India the foot-bathing ritual is ancient and well known: pada puja. Required for it are immense devotion and humility, two qualities quickly becoming endangered species in the palette of human behavior. But back to the resurrection. Christianity's theologians can tell you a lot more than I can about how the resurrection is understood, and its significance. For me, thinking about the resurrection brought to mind a number of loosely connected thoughts. While the resurrection of Christ amounts to a cosmic feat of epic proportions, in order to stay more humbly connected to the message that is for me contained in that sacred event, I feel we experience a resurrection, [...]

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