I Stand in Protest Against My Mental Afflictions (evolving draft)

This past Saturday May 30, millions witnessed live online the SpaceX launch. Outer space has been the fascination of much of the human population for a long time. Maybe we hope to find some escape from the stupefying problems on the ground, such as systemic racism, oppression, corruption, destruction of the environment, in every corner of our little plastic-strangled space rock. But inner space has become for me a far more compelling exploration, producing palpable changes in my experience. Maybe it would be worth pouring as much time, energy, and resources into exploring the inner reaches of space as world sages and contemplatives have advocated again and again. Thankfully, we don't have to go to a cave or mountaintop to work with our mind, our awareness, no matter the circumstances, since our mind is with us wherever we are and whatever we're doing. So, in protest against my mental afflictions, I turn the placard so the words face me, so the words are [...]