FOMO from a Buddhist Perspective

One of my spiritual mentors often speaks thusly: Why do we need to practice mental cultivation motivated by the meta-ethic of bodhicitta and non-harming actions?* Why do we need qualified spiritual mentors who have experience with this terrain to teach us? Easy. We don't want to miss out. What don't we want to miss out on? Peace of mind, mental and physical well-being and emotional equilibrium, openings and opportunities that seem to manifest for those dedicated to training; the ability to gradually come to master our reactions, and as a byproduct of such training, the direct experience of an ongoing flow of inspiration, grace, rewarding interactions and experiences; the ability to retain equanimity in the face of inevitable difficulties. What prevents us from experiencing these? Mental afflictions such as belligerence, jealousy, arrogance, greed, inconsideration, hatred, etc., and karmic conditioning-- the "residue" left in the mindstream from repeatedly enacting unskillful actions of body, speech, and mind, which, when triggered or activated by particular circumstances, [...]