Reflections on New Year’s Eve: Is There A Better Way Than To Agitate? (evolving draft)

Once, by way of illustration, one of my excellent spiritual mentors used the example of taking a jar of clear water, adding a cup of dirt to it, putting a lid on it, and shaking it vigorously. What happens is no mystery to the observant. Obstructed seeing due to murky water. Put the jar down, let the dirt settle, and at least part of the clear water can be seen through. Clear seeing is better than not seeing clearly. Whatever side you're on, even a child knows this. This has been a year of agitation and settling. And of observing closely what happens in relation to each. When wondering if agitation is better, that example is a valid guide. Does change in broken rotten cruel structures, whether internal or external, come only from agitating loudly? From commanding that they change or stop? Or does deeper change emerge in response to space and silence too? Throughout this year, particularly when the George Floyd protests [...]