About Maria Montenegro (Ani Losang Chötso)

I consider myself a global citizen with broad interfaith and non-faith
 guiding experience. American by birth, Puerto Rican by heritage,
 Catholic by upbringing, Buddhist by calling, I was educated at Smith
 College (B.A.) and completed my Master’s in World Religions at Harvard 
Divinity School, having developed a keen interest in consciousness and 
deeper meaning in childhood after taking up the dance with death at 12 
having been hospitalized briefly. A longtime student of world
 religions and spiritualities; universal non-harming ethics;
 cross-cultural, existential, and end-of-life issues, I have trained
 intensively under Buddhist contemplative masters since the 1980s. I am
 well informed about many systems of belief that inspire or inhibit
 individual growth and transformation, and invite you to explore your 
innate impulse to transcendence in whatever form suits you.

I am modestly versed in the Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana
 systems, and offer 30+ years of editorial
 skills for English Dharma-related content, as well as content from a broad range of fields. I have co-translated, edited,
 and/or proofread Dharma texts from many Buddhist traditions, including 
titles by HH Dalai Lama, B. Alan Wallace, Bhante Gunaratana, Sermey
 Khensur Lobsang Tharchin, and others.
I offer death doula services, spiritual care of the dying, and existential guidance on a donation or trade basis.

For spiritual care of the dying workshops please contact me.

In 2013, after over two decades of volunteering for Dharma centers, I
 completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education in Vermont and New
 Mexico, and have served as a Spiritual Caregiver (chaplain) in health
care settings and independently.  I am committed to exploring the practical application of wisdom teachings I have received in a way that is relevant to contemporary life. As a Buddhist nun, I see my
 role not as converting you to my chosen path of practice, but as
 helping you awaken to your own sources of inspiration, growth, and healing through whatever framework most resonates with you.