COVID19 Emergency Assistance Fund

This fund is to assist with emergent requests for aid that I regularly receive from India, Nepal, Thailand, and elsewhere. 100% of funds received here will be transferred via Western Union or other secure means to requesting party. I will provide receipt of transaction to donors who request.

Emergency Chaplaining During Covid19 Crisis

This is to provide support for emergency/crisis chaplaining services.

For prayer requests, dedications, or other special intentions, please send specifics to me via contact page form.
The following are causes near and dear to my heart that I would like to bring your attention to, some of them connected to my kind Teachers as well as fellow Dharmafarers committed to furthering Buddhist wisdom traditions and practices through preservation, continuation, and social action. If you can, consider donating.

When something is given from the heart, it’s hard to put a price on it, but by making a donation you support me in helping others with much of the free counseling and spiritual and/or end-of-life care I provide to those who may need but can’t afford it. If you value this kind of service, I welcome your generosity.


Please advise which fund or cause you would like contribute to, or donate directly through links provided.

Thank you.