I work with individuals or groups in four main ways: self-care guidance, meaning or existential guidance, crisis guidance, and transition (end-of-life) guidance.  As such, I am committed  to working with those who:

  • are involved in the helping professions and struggle with compassion fatigue and/or overwhelm
  • would like to develop empathy, loving-kindness, and compassion
  • would like to learn how to reduce anxiety and/or manage aggression adaptively
  • would like to find adaptive ways to overcome self-hatred
  • would like to better understand the mechanisms that drive unhappiness and dissatisfaction
  • feel drawn to deepen spiritual life
  • tend to want to grow, evolve, or identify the missing link but don’t know where to begin
  • know that what they’ve been doing is not working
  • have undergone a major shift in consciousness or perspective, perhaps due to crisis or catastrophe
  • are faced with a major life challenge
  • wonder why success and achievements haven’t erased a gnawing malaise or fear of death
  • are coping with their own or a loved one’s chronic condition or terminal illness
  • want to prepare themselves to die gracefully and fearlessly whether ill or not

I am available for consultation via Zoom, phone, or email. Please go to my Contact page. In the case of in-person service I must request travel cost compensation. Also, I am fluent in Spanish and French.