Decades after his apparent demise, Martin Luther King is still inspiring. How? His love: Poor Peoples Campaign

We all get sick, some old, and all die. We might live and die with a “net worth” of billions, the glorified success paradigm of an ultra materialist and capitalist society.

But the real worth is what we offered to uplift, educate, heal, and empower others. We might think our privilege and trinkets will always be there to protect us, but the human heart was made to love, nurture, and share, not to bully and hoard.

The Buddha said in the Tamonata Sutta that there are four kinds of individuals: those who go from darkness to darkness, those who go from darkness to light, those who go from light to darkness, and those who go from light to light. The Buddha gives examples of each so that we can discern the right path.

The necessary consequence of greedy self-importance is demise.

Cherish others, ache for their freedom from their problems and take action however you can, and watch the healing begin.

Whoever subordinates love to power drinks the poison of self-created ruin.

Whoever has power and uses it with love to serve, protect, and help heal others has mastery.

Whoever incites fear and hatred is already dead.

Whoever proceeds from love will never know fear.