Today discussing with friend Sam the infamous Descartes decree: Cogito Ergo Sum, Sam said: What? Isn’t it CogNito Ergo Sum? No, I replied, it’s recorded as Cogito; Cogito Ergo Sum.

Then I said, yeah, wonder if it was a typo at which I was seized by a cathartic fit of laughter. Missing N. Imagine that?

And how different the planet today would be if we recognized, in our direct experience from one moment to the next, the vital difference between Cogito Ergo Sum and Cognito Ergo Sum.

Cognito Ergo Sum: I am aware therefore I am.

I am not a Latin scholar, so if I mis-conjugated Cognito I request your clemency; you get the idea.

Thank the heavens I am not my thoughts; not my compulsive or even ordered thinking.

Without first awareness wherefore thoughts? How does it help me to embody fullest presence to be identified with thoughts? Anything I can observe, including thoughts in the form of mental images and mental talk, is necessarily very much not “me”.

Thoughts come and go. Why would I identify with flickering intermittent events in space rather than with all of space?