What does it mean to hold space? Refraining from judgment, from the impulse to fix, from the impulse to extrude, from the impulse to clutch in the fist of rightness. Before we go into panic mode tightening around our narrative, tightening around what appears to us to be happening, we can just breathe, release, smile, and get out of the corner of only my interpretation.

Thus instead of latching on to the crises, the violation, the wrongness of a thing, the harm of a thing, we can know the space that holds it, that yields it, and thereby have a chance to invoke healing.

But does this mean we remain unresponsive zombies in conversation because we’re privileging holding space?

No. We respond from a place of having acknowledged spaciousness. We can laugh a little and recognize that my inner jungle gym exists in space, and I don’t need to identify with it so strongly. We radically condition each other. How do we interact so as to remind each other of the magic, the healing, the love we each may potentiate for one another?

We engage, respond, inquire, feel into. While tracking the space that holds all this. Making room relaxes, opens, warms, lightens, soothes.

When there’s room there’s freedom, and when there’s freedom possibilities come forward and present themselves, like a bouquet of fresh flowers.